Laurent is unfailingly good-humoured and courteous, articulate and persuasive - in several languages, notably French, German and English all of which he speaks to native proficiency. He is an excellent and self-confident networker with the capacity to adapt well to different social milieu and age-groups; and with the discretion, maturity and tact needed to handle more sensitive and senior-level relationships. Despite his relative youth he has accumulated a great deal of varied business experience, including - but not limited to - financial services, much of it driven by personal initiative and entrepreneurial flair. Outwardly sociable and relaxed Laurent is clearly serious about what he does, endearingly rather less so about himself.
— Hugh Mortimer (✝), Friend and Former British Ambassador
In my position as Head of the Consular Section of the Mexican Embassy in Berlin I inquired Laurent as an investment professional with a broad network. I enjoyed working with Laurent and am happy to be able to provide this recommendation.
— Adolfo Ayuso-Audry, Director of Cooperation with the European Union, Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, Mexico
Laurent it is not only an amazing serial entrepreneur but a great person to be with. Friendly, open and smart, with a great vision on business solutions.
— Mario Paladini, Founder & CEO G1OBALS, Germany / Argentina
I had the pleasure of working with Laurent in founding a local chapter of a non-profit organization in Berlin. Above all, Laurent is a great team player and great fun to work with - always bringing a positive attitude to the table. His experience in multiple industries have granted him a keen sense of identifying the core of any challenge or opportunity and leveraging resources to achieve objectives. In this respect, his analytical competence enables early decision making, which is highly valuable in a resource-scarce environment. I look forward to building our organization together.
— Parham Mirshahpanah, USA